our favorite 10 lb turkey

On Monday I took Arlo to the pediatrician to see how much he weighs, and to let a nice lady stab him in the leg. Both were equally traumatic for him, but he was able to retaliate during the weigh-in by peeing all over the table/scale.

The same way he showed us how much he appreciated his first bath.

And how he continues to tell us we’ve taken too long to change his diaper.

Arlo officially weighed 9 lbs 13 oz. So at a little over one month he’s a little under 10 pounds. And since we’re sharing milestones, here’s a few more fun things he’s done in his first month:

Nov. 11: first puke on Mason

Nov. 12: first visit from grandparents

Nov. 15: first puke on Milo

He’s mastered the art of pooping in just-changed diapers, burping after meals and bossing around every other member of the family. He’s also made great friends with our bedroom and living room ceiling fans–which I totally agree, they tell the best jokes.

And here’s a little photo recap of life with Arlo…

Arlo helping me work, do laundry and entertain guests:

Which obviously tires him out, so he needs to talk someone into holding him for a comfy nap:

And a few favorite of my favorite Arlo things: Arlo stares, naked Arlo wrinkles, Arlo feet, morning naps with Arlo…

Also this photo series that shows how much Arlo loves to be laid down by himself:



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