one week and 100 diapers later

I know blogged about being perfectly happy to have the baby come a little later in the month. That very night I was sitting on the couch watching The Great British Bake Off and all of the sudden I felt like I was involuntarily
peeing my pants.

Great timing, new kid.

Birth story + first week could be like 5 blog posts each, and really all anyone every asks for are pictures, so here’s a little recap and lots of photos.

The highlights of birth night to birth day:

  • Standing in the middle of the living room leaking water on a towel while Tyler half calmly/half frantically runs around trying to pack things we might need for the hospital.
  • Riding in a cab, walking through a hospital, waiting for a lady to S.L.O.W.L.Y register me–all while still leaking water. Also laughing inside when the registration lady goes, “And if they don’t admit you you’ll have to come do all this paperwork again.” Um, I don’t think they’re sending me home after this.
  • The boys decided to come because I figured with them after my water broke I delivered right away. This baby took 12 more hours, so we ended up with a big sleepover in the delivery room.
  • Tyler was very supportive and very good at looking only at my face. And although he told the nurses previously he didn’t need to cut the umbilical cord, the doctor handed him the scissors anyway while asking, “You can cut paper, right?”
  • Milo was super excited to watch them take the epidural out of my back.
  • And seriously, best highlights ever:

And then there’s little baby’s first week of life. We left the hospital Monday evening. By Thursday afternoon we were back at the hospital after his pediatrician’s test for jaundice showed borderline high levels.

Thus started the very tiring process of doctor and ER visits from Thursday to Sunday. He was never high enough to admit, but just high enough they wanted to check him the next day. So every day we waited for hours in an uncomfortable ER bed, then sadly watched them stab his tiny heels and squeeze drops of blood into a vial for testing. His third trip to the hospital a nurse poked him three times and still couldn’t get any blood so she put an IV in his hand. So, so sad to watch. I couldn’t have been more relieved when they told us Sunday he didn’t have to come back again.

Other random first-week memories:

  • Milo commenting my stomach still looks like it’s pregnant, and inquiring if I have any new stretch marks–multiple times.
  • Ordering something for baby from Amazon literally every single day.
  • Finding somewhere baby will sleep other than our arms:


  • And lots more of this:


And since all that hospital stuff is behind us, I tried his first week photo shoot. He seemed to like being swaddled more.



Also, this guy’s perfect face for the crying baby next to him.



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