1/2 maternity leave

I have now taken a step into whatever it is I’m calling my maternity leave. One of the perks of working for a very small company is that my boss asked me Wednesday if I want to start working from home every day from now on. One of the not-perks is that I don’t really have a formal maternity leave, so it’s quite possible I’ll be working from home again very soon after the baby is born. Also add in my freelance jobs, since I worry taking too much time off from the ongoing ones will force them to find someone else to do the work.

But I think it’s much better to just look at the perks (working from home and getting paid), and decide everything will work out.

I was really hoping that after officially leaving the office Wednesday, I would go to my doctor appointment Thursday and be told the baby would be coming today at the latest. Not only did my doctor schedule another appointment for next week, my mom told me that although her first two babies were early, her next deliveries were overdue.

Well, thanks Mom. I guess now I can look forward to the possibility that little tummy alien might actually be born on Halloween.

But I’ll be honest, I’m still not 100% ready for the baby. In all my super speed nesting I still have no curtains for the baby room, there’s art I wanted to frame and hang, I am still trying to get parts of the apartment organized (ie, I still need to find storage solutions for random junk), I haven’t met the future pediatrician yet… Plus really, a baby? I know the second it comes out I’ll be excited, then a few days later I’ll realize I’d rather sleep with a baby inside me than not sleep with a baby crying beside me.

And all this time I’ve been thinking I was ready to have a baby because I’ve already had two. Then last week I had a minor mind freakout because, IT’S BEEN 12 YEARS! What if I completely forgot how to have a baby, or what contractions feel like, or how to know when to go to the hospital? Or what if this baby takes longer or the hospital does everything different or my doctor doesn’t show up? Or what if we still can’t decide on a name and it becomes like that girl on Blossom?

So many things to still be ready for, I guess the baby can incubate a little longer. If only he’d stop trying to stretch–simultaneously pushing on my bladder and lungs.


And because all posts need photos, here’s a couple I took the other night while I was home alone with Petey. I had a hard time getting a good one of all his climbing, but I found it quite funny he was using my belly as if it was just a higher lookout point for his explorations.




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