nesting in hyperdrive

There’s this thing people call nesting, I call it necessary organization before utter chaos and ongoing sleep deprivation ensue. Either way, my brain was pushing it into a holding pattern until we moved.

And now we have moved, mostly unpacked, and that restful weekend I looked forward to last week never really happened–because now that we’ve moved my brain has finally been set free of all that was holding it back. And all I want to do is have everything perfect, organized, decorated, purchased and ready before the baby comes. I mean EVERYTHING, not just baby room.

We moved Friday and I’ve already been to Target twice, made large (and multiple) orders on Target and Amazon, found a table on CB2 for behind the couch, and spent hours looking at eat-in kitchen tables, storage containers, baby items and odds and ends like shower drains and corner bumpers (downside of having a room large enough to actually walk past your bed: your shins hit the sharp corners).

So on my to-do list is painting two dressers (and possibly a set of dining chairs), purchasing and hanging curtains, finding the perfect place for shoes, recycling bins, medicine, office supplies and bathroom cleaners. Then there’s my step 2 to-do list: hanging photos, putting out the decorations, buying a crib (we have a bassinet for now), and secondary baby supplies like a monitor…and who really knows what else.

I guess it’s safe to say I’m not really feeling ready for the baby yet. On the other hand, I am feeling ready to not be pregnant anymore. My compromise is that I’ll get the priority stuff done this weekend, and the round 2 items can be done later (even though my brain twitches a little when I think of putting things off). And the baby is welcome to be born anytime starting next week.

Because yesterday I decided the two top reasons I’d like to have a baby sooner than later.

  1. It is getting colder and I don’t really have adequate maternity clothes or shoes, but I also don’t want to buy any for such a short amount of time.
  2. I’m pretty done commuting to work, where I embarrassingly but necessarily take someone’s subway seat, then sit in an office chair that exacerbates all my aches and pains. It’d be nice to have a real solid reason to stop going into the office.

My runner up reasons are that I’d like to be able to walk without the waddle, not have to pee 2-5 times a night, and it’d be nice to stand up at a normal speed without having the underbelly pain (also known as rolled ligament pain, which I would like to point out my doctor told me about two months ago would only last a few weeks).

But of course I’m sure all those complaints will be replaced with the wonders of childbirth recovery, nursing, late night baby screams and barf on my clothes. Totally worth the squirmy thing, right?

Oh, and for those of you who’d like to feel better about yourselves because you aren’t carrying around an extra 40lbs… (And don’t judge my feet. I did have Greek fries with lunch that I did regret later that night, but they were very tasty at the time.)



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