a jumbled mess of thoughts

Last week I thought I had this week under control. Then Sunday I wrote an email to my boss (I’d already scheduled to work from home every day) and told him when I wouldn’t be available at my computer because of appointments, and realized my week was insane.

Monday morning I had a meeting for another freelance job I was doing in the city. I followed that with picking up baby items I found on the parent group (I know, only to straight away pack them). Then I shipped a package at the post office, got my bangs trimmed (my last time visiting the only hairdresser I’ve ever had in NY. It was sort of sad to think I’d never come back, and he gave me a hug, lol), I packed some boxes and did some other freelance work.

Tuesday we went to our bank and got a check out for probably the largest amount I’ve ever asked for, drove to a lawyers office and handed it to our attorney. In return he gave us what felt like 100 documents to sign, plus a handful from the bank’s attorney, the co-op attorney and the seller’s attorney. Then our check was handed over to the seller and our real estate broker handed over two sets of keys. AND WE WERE OFFICIALLY HOME OWNERS! (It’s been a crazy adventure to get here and I was super-stressed about being having a baby and still being in home limbo. But that could be it’s own blog post entirely.)

So on to the rest of Tuesday! We rushed home, I dropped off Tyler to do some work and picked up Milo to meet painters and a cleaning person at the new place. I last minute decided I didn’t like the main paint color I’d chosen (lighting is key, people!), made key copies, picked a new paint color, threw away stacks of mail from the previous people, tried out a new place to eat with Milo, bought the wrong size light bulbs for the ceiling fans, and then went home.

Wednesday I packed more, went to Home Depot to return wrong items and buy moving supplies and smaller size light bulbs for the new place, ordered some things on Amazon we need at our new place, got slightly distracted by baby things I could order online (seriously, it’s been a struggle to feel like nesting while knowing I’m moving and can’t), picked up immunization records for Milo’s new school, picked up Milo from school and took him to get braces on, tried to register him for school but was turned away, found out the new lightbulbs I bought were again the wrong size, brought Milo home, caught up on work emails and then went to book club.

And today I woke up and realized this is it. Today is the last day to pack and get everything ready. Movers are scheduled to arrive at 8am tomorrow. So today is packing, registering Milo at his new school (they wouldn’t let us do it until we closed), packing, a doctor’s appointment, packing, last minute laundry, more packing, taking apart beds and probably more packing.

So basically my brain is going in 500 directions and I decided to blog instead of pack for a little bit. But it’s worked I think, I realize I’ve survived over half my week and it will mostly be over tomorrow night (my brain would like to skip the actual moving, unpacking, putting furniture together and running errands part of tomorrow).

All I can say is I’ve never looked forward to a weekend more in my entire life.

And as a quick pregnancy update: I don’t recommend trying to make a major move in four days while eight months pregnant. Cinnamon bears have fueled me through this week. And the baby feels as if it’s outgrowing it’s incubation room, or so my bladder and lungs keep telling me.

And just to remember the most hoarder-ish our apartment has ever looked:



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