let’s just pretend i only have a month left

Last week my favorite cashier at my favorite breakfast sandwich place (because she knows not to give me a plastic bag) asked how long I have left of my pregnancy. Actually it was like this:

Girl: 6 weeks to go?

Me: Yeah, about a month and a half.

Girl: When are you due?

Me: The end of October.

Girl: (looks down at a calendar) Oh, so more like 2 months then.

And I was thinking, if you don’t have something nice to say you just don’t have to say anything at all. Because if I want to pretend that my last 7 weeks of swollen feet, not being able to lean over like a normal person, feeling like I have to pee every second, baby incubator body status is going to end in less time than the doctor told me, I think I should be allowed that courtesy.

So yes, I’m totally in countdown mode. Although it’s so mixed emotions. Like, get this freaking thing out of me so I can move like a normal human again. But then again, ohmygerrrsh there’s going to be a live baby crying and pooping in less than two months and I’m going to be partly responsible for it’s well-being.

Yesterday I told Tyler in less than 2 months this baby will officially be both our problems, not just mine. (I really try my best to get his stress levels higher.)

Beyond the countdowns, here’s a few more highlights…

Least favorite thing: round ligament pain, another first this pregnancy. It makes things like standing after a subway ride or putting pants on so fun.

Least favorite, runner-up: charlie horses that wake me up in the middle of the night. Although the last one was slightly funnier because Tyler woke up thinking I’d fallen out of bed while sleeping.

Favorite happy thing: belly-baby hiccups. At least I think the evenly paced mini-thumps are hiccups. Either that or he’s practicing the drum solo for a slow rock ballad.

Favorite thing, runner-up: Tyler trying to pick me up last night by the midsection without touching anywhere in my actual watermelon-sized midsection.

Favorite thing, runner-up 2: Looking at these tiny baby pants I bought. Seriously, so awesome.

cutest pear baby pants


One thought on “let’s just pretend i only have a month left

  1. Before I experienced pregnancy and child development, I remember wondering why mom’s always counted in weeks?! I’m guessing that’s what your sandwich girl was doing…saying, yeah, so why are you counting in weeks? So weird, just say the months! And you’re like, noooooooooo, it actually doesn’t work that way because some months have four weeks and others have five, mmmmkay! Am I right?

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