being a digital parent

When I was first pregnant several people told me about apps I could download to track my pregnancy. Such a new concept to me, seeing that smart phones weren’t even a thing when Mason and Milo were babies.

Same with toddlers and technology. Whenever I go to restaurants and see small kids staying entertained by a phone or tablet I cannot help but think how much easier that seems than when I took my kids. My dinner experiences were a lot of picking up thrown toys and trying to shovel down food as quickly as possible.

I know there’s so many arguments for and against technology, but before anyone tries to get into those, let me tell you the greatest digital parenting item I have found so far: Yahoo Groups.

Have you heard of these? I’m not sure if they work the same outside of NY, but all I had to do was do a search for my neighborhood and I found a parenting group. People post for everything: babysitting, playgroups, selling or giving away baby items, where to find painters or dentists, places for sale or rent…it’s pretty awesome.

One of the things I miss about living in Utah is the garage sales…but this is almost as good! I do have to calm my inner hoarder-ness/nesting a little though. Pretty much every post I remind myself that the baby isn’t even born and we still have to move. And even with those thoughts I still ended up buying a garbage bag full of 0-3 month baby clothes last weekend. But it was only $30 for like-new winter things, and it included two Halo sleepers! Guys, I couldn’t pass it up. But I promise that’s the last thing I’ll buy pre-move…


Speaking of buying things, I have been doing baby-room art searches and although this was not something ultimately chosen, I thought it was so cute!



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