slc to jfk, 5 years today

You know that thing on Facebook where they remind you of things you posted years before? You love looking at your own but wish people would stop reposting theirs. Well, mine today turned into an entire blog post! Because, well I felt these memories deserved it.

Five years ago today I whittled down our most necessary things to three large suitcases, three carry-on suitcases and three personal bags. From clothes and books for the boys, to anything we’d need in the kitchen for the first month. After a month my sister brought a second round of necessities, only what could fit in the back of my 4Runner. It was weird to think we went from a 5-bedroom house to suitcases and the trunk of a car.



We took a red-eye flight to a completely different city on the other side of the country. We walked into an apartment with no furniture to our name (I’d ordered a futon couch and mattresses at Ikea, but due to a hurricane the delivery had been delayed).


For weeks the boys ate off a makeshift table and chairs of shipping crates, we used our suitcases as dressers and cardboard boxes as nightstands. And I had no job.



Yet I felt like I was making all the right choices. I was convinced this was where we were supposed to be (although I did have a back-up plan if my savings got too low).

Now that I look back on these photos, it seems like I’ve lived so much more life than just five years. The boys have changed so much from when we first moved. I remember the first weekend we got here I took them to every fun kids place in Manhattan I could think of so they’d love NY as much as I did. But Milo hated walking home from school, and they would constantly ask why we couldn’t just drive places.


Tomorrow the boys fly home and next week Mason will start high school with a commute as long as Tyler and I take to get to work. We walk everywhere, don’t even own a car, and plenty of times I even recruit the boys for errands to Costco so they can help schlep all our goods home via subway and walking–cause I’m not paying that $15 taxi ride if I don’t have to.

And soon we’ll all be moving to a new place, one we actually own…and adding a new baby to the mix!! I guess today was just one of those “where has time gone” moments for me. If you made it all the way through this memory post, thanks for listening. If not, you’re a horrible friend. (just kidding, maybe)


3 thoughts on “slc to jfk, 5 years today

  1. I love this post. I can’t believe it’s been five years! But FB has also been reminding me I bought my house by myself five years ago and had zero furniture. And now Brian and Zeke are in this house and it’s full of stuff. And I only work part time and at a different place. And so much has changed that I never would have imagined. What will the next five years bring?

    1. Seriously, your last five have been even crazier than mine! But I guess we both did add babies and husbands in that time… I hope the next five continue to include “breakfasts” with the growing group.

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