pregnant comments

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve heard a whole lot of baby suggestions, advice, ways to tell if I’m having a boy or girl without an ultrasound–and the best conversation I had at church by a nice elderly lady: You are how far along now? Your face is starting to show it.

I guess I sort of expected advice/weird pregnancy thoughts like: If you crave sweets you’re having a girl (explain that to my ice cream craving belly-boy); if you have heartburn the baby will have lots of hair, or eating dark chocolate now will help the baby sleep through the night later (I sure hope this is true).

The one thing I didn’t really realize would happen is how many strangers would tell me congratulations. Strangers everywhere. A month or so ago a girl at the coffee shop said congrats and good luck as I was buying pastries. I thought it was sort of random but a nice gesture.

Since then I’ve had people call out congrats down the hallway at work, as I walk by on the sidewalk, in passing at a store, after giving me their seat on the subway. Yesterday a lady walked by me and pointed while saying, “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day.” (Unless of course, the comment was meant for Tyler.)

And I’ve thought about how none of those people would have talked to me if it hadn’t been for my protruding front half. It’s interesting I think. And makes me wonder how this not-yet-newborn can get so much attention already. Have other pregos felt like this or is it just me? Maybe I’m just more introverted.

Speaking of subway rides. I have such very mixed feelings about people giving me their seat. I find it sort of rude when people don’t give their seat to pregnant women, but then I get super embarrassed when people give up their seat for me, but then I always have to accept it because usually standing on the subway I feel like either something is sore or I have to pee (or that one time I worried I was going to pass out and make everyone hate their morning commute even more).

Commuting is fun. Just like pregnancy.


And here’s the belly photo for the week. When I’m sitting at home I sometimes set my phone on my belly so Tyler can see how much it’s moving–it’s pretty weird to watch. I’ve been trying for like a month to capture it on video but it never seems to work out. Then last week a fellow prego friend of mine showed she’d gotten a video of her baby moving and I was even more determined it could be done. And finally Sunday I got it (sans moving object on top).


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