two of our favorite things

On Saturday Tyler and I embarked on a magical journey through the city and into a place I could likely deem the greatest place on earth at the moment. Although I wonder if I would have been as excited had it not been for our belly friend. Or more specifically, the fact that my pregnancy cravings switched from Shake Shack and raspberries to ice cream and watermelon.

But then again, can you really ever dislike a pool of sprinkles?


Or eating ice cream, then more ice cream, then a pill that makes lemons taste sweet like ice cream…




Tyler was a good sport considering ice cream makes him sick and his brain doesn’t function well enough to understand why a pool of sprinkles is so exciting (although he did enjoy the wall of Dylan’s candy).

And he patiently took lots of pictures and pretended he was having as much fun as I was.


Then we got to his favorite part of the day: riding a ferry to get our first big baby purchase.


Maybe not as bright or cooling as a museum full of ice cream, but Tyler did question if the boat operators would allow him to just stay on the ferry all day.

And he’s re-looked at our new Craigslist score every night since we brought it home.


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