happy 1 year older tyler

Since Tyler had a birthday I figured it’s only fair I mark it with a blogpost to capture all his milestones from the past year. I mean, how else will we remember the year he figured out
how to adeptly code in Python and R to predict future data using missing data? (Or something like that, I still only vaguely understand what his classes are about–even though I edit all his papers before he turns them in.)

Here are some other important Tyler milestones for this past year:

  • Successfully convinced me it was a good year to be fat and pregnant. Supports me in every Shake Shack and ice cream craving, and tells me I’m pretty (and I don’t look fat at all) on a daily basis.
  • Commutes home from work with a backpack and purse to relieve my waddling body.


  • Ate his most expensive piece of sushi at his favorite sushi restaurant: the daily special toro at Blue Ribbon Sushi
  • Got his first teether, which he promptly tried to chew with the packaging still on.


  • Realized sunscreen can protect you from the sun, and it’s not imperative you wear a t-shirt at the beach ALL day.



  • Received his first meat tenderizer, so he can now make us all smashed chicken recipes without wielding a large cast iron skillet. (Made delicious chicken cordon bleu the next day.)
  • Is getting even better at understanding (ie. laughing) at my insanely funny jokes.
  • Gained an additional single gray hair that grows right in the front middle of his head so I can easily pull it out.
  • Introduced to Snapchat.



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