i’m feeling neutral

I’ve been looking at baby stuff lately (I know, what else is new), and I decided I have mixed emotions on the whole gender neutral thing. I get that pink is traditionally for girls and blue is for boys, but I don’t really like blue all that much.

So then there’s more neutral green or yellow, right? But then the other day I saw a baby with all green things: binki, sippy cup, snack container… and my inner Lisa Frank-loving self just got sad.

I decided the real problem with “gender-neutral” is it really doesn’t help the gender neutral cause any. If I really wanted things to be gender neutral I should be buying any color I dang well please. And I know I can technically do that, but I don’t think I can really do it without people noticing. I don’t really care to make a gender statement, I just want to actual be neutral.

Like wouldn’t it be so much nicer if gender neutral colors weren’t really a thing at all? All colors can be for boys and all colors can be for girls. Not pink is girl and blue is boy…and yellow is for if you want to be neutral.

My solution is everything should be rainbow. Because while we’re on the color subject, I don’t get why everything has to be pastel for babies. Babies don’t even see pastels; they like black and white and bold colors. Maybe I’ll just try to find everything in black and orange to celebrate baby’s scheduled October 31st arrival…

Speaking of the baby in my belly and overall pregnancy nonsense, pretty much every appointment I go to involves peeing in a cup. My two biggest issues with this are: A) It’s hard to see the cup past my ever-increasing belly. B) My doctor’s office has a water cooler and these are what you drink out of:


In case you can’t read the cups, they say “urine collection container.” I get that they’re most likely brand new, but really would it kill you to just buy separate cups that don’t have any writing on them?

Also in the waiting room today I got to listen to a pregnant women complain nonstop about having to drink this gross liquid so they could test her for diabetes. Then I went in to see the doctor and was told my next appointment would involve this same lovely liquid and test. I’m slightly intrigued that for such a small bottle the nurse expected it to take me around 20 minutes to drink. I thought about awful it might be, then remembered the time I drank the Chinese mystery tea and I realized, “Blessing in disguise! After drinking bug/twig tea nothing can phase me now!”

And since the common question I get these days is “How are you feeling?”… I am still happy I’m not throwing up on a regular basis, and my pregnancy shoes are doing awesome!  And Tyler showed me this dad photo the other day. I’m really hoping for a dad pass-out moment at our birth, but this type of photo would be a close second.


3 thoughts on “i’m feeling neutral

  1. The cups you drink out of….hahahahaha. And why is it that plain baby clothes cost more than the stupid clothes with characters and dumb words (“mommy’s best friend” – GAG) do??

    1. Ha! Don’t even get me started on the lame sayings… (except I did see a onesie at Gap the other day that said “future foodie,” I could accept that.)

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