the week that pushed me to buy “maternity shoes”

A couple days ago I looked at Tyler and said, “Being pregnant is no fun.” Probably a culmination of events combined with not sleeping as much as my body needs. (Tyler can attest, hangry’s got nothing on a tired Emily.)

So here is a pre-apology for what may come across as a blog of complaints. This is just how these last weeks have gone. Pregnancy stories can’t all be about food and riding unicorns through meadows, right?

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I prepared myself to be super hot and uncomfortable, since we seemed to have timed it perfect for me to be full-on pregnant during full-on NY humidity. Since that was all settled in my mind I guess my body figured it had to think of other creative curveballs I didn’t fully prepare for.

First it was my shoes, and the fact my feet no longer fit in most of them. After a day stroller shopping in one of the only pairs that still fit, I decided I could use something more comfortable than H&M was providing. Also on my list was easy to put on (leaning over is not a strong point right now), airy for summer, can fit my feet on swollen days, and won’t look like I’m heading to an over-60 knitting convention. (Love you, Mom!)

After ordering five different pairs of shoes from three different places online, I gave up and walked into to the Aerosoles down the street from my house. I also gave up getting everything I wanted in a shoe. I settled for comfortable, fit my feet (thanks to adjustable straps), and easy to put on. My favorite part was when the shoe salesman tried to show these same shoes to another lady as part of a promotion and she responded with, “Oh no way, I would not wear those ever.” But Tyler told me they look nice so I’ll just try to believe him.


(PS, notice my arm trying to hold my belly+dress combo out of the way for this shot. This baby is already so attention-needy.)

Next is the body aches. I swear they came from out of nowhere. Like one night I went to sleep just normal and the next night I was tossing and turning trying to find some way to alleviate these sneaky back and hip pains. I’ve since added 3 more pillows to form a sort of sleeping nest and it has somewhat helped. Although good old lefty seems to now be enjoying a leg cramp every morning, and my lower back hurts when I bend over, sit too long, or pretty much exist.

On a bright note, on my morning subway ride–after experiencing my least-favorite leg cramp yet, painfully leaning over to shave my legs and walking at old-lady speed to the train–I came to the conclusion it is what it is, and I confidently prepared myself for about three more months of the fun. And I reminded myself at least I’m not puking… my favorite prego motivational thought.

Also I had a dream last week that I had the baby early but everything was totally fine and my body immediately returned to exactly the way it was before the baby. So there’s always that possibility to look forward to, along with more unicorn rides!



2 thoughts on “the week that pushed me to buy “maternity shoes”

  1. Pregnancy is just the worst. I’m baffled by the unicorns who love it. It’s painful and awful. I think those shoes are cute. I’m glad you found something comfortable. Only three more months!!!

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