saturday stroller shopping

I’m continually amazed at how much seems to have changed since I last bought baby items. Probably partially because I live in such a different place now. With Mason and Milo was like: here’s a stroller that comes with a safe carseat that clicks into it. You put it in your trunk and take it out at the mall. No thought of weight, size or pretty much anything else.

Now I’m thinking of how to get a stroller up and down stairs, where to store it in the apartment, how it will last running errands and holding groceries, will the wheels make it through un-plowed sidewalks… On top of that I’ve been trying to decide if I want a stroller that can face backwards, change from a bassinet to a toddler stroller, just hold a carseat, have a bigger basket underneath, larger tires, lighter weight. It’s totally choice overload.

Last week I started looking at stroller reviews online and there’s so many it first made me want to not buy a stroller at all. Then it made me decide to go stroller shopping for almost all of Saturday.

So after looking at what felt like a million strollers online, walking miles on my prego feet, and having non-shopper Tyler patiently walk around with me and buy me surprise snacks along the way, here’s a handful of strollers I’ve been thinking about.

first look at stroller reviews

Baby Zen Yoyo | Maclaren Techno XT | Inglesina Zippy Light | StrollAir ReVu | UPPAbaby Cruz | Baby Jogger Vue Light 


Also did you know they carry baby strollers that are leather or have rose gold frames? Seriously, the baby market is insane.

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