all these firsts

So now that we know the gender of the baby we’ve been thinking about names. I’ve honestly never had to search websites or have a list of names before. Mason was a family name, and Milo was a name we heard and liked about a month before I found out I was pregnant.

This time I feel we’re kind of stumped. I now understand how people can have no name picked out at the time of a baby’s birth. There are so many choices…and SO many bad options out there to sort through.

Speaking of options, the other day I wore my first real maternity clothing item (and since then have moved on to wearing two maternity clothing items at one time)! So now instead of my wardrobe consisting of a calculated rotation of four oversized dresses, I have a pair of shorts and a few shirts too.

It was so exciting I even took a picture of my first outfit. It includes my awesome cankles and everything, just so you can really be happy you’re not pregnant right now.

the real deal belly picture

Also I went to the doctor, where I got to have my routine pee in the cup and weight-in. My doctor is a man of few words, so no one really talks about weight or anything–but I did happen to have a peak at the scale quickly. I told Tyler around how much I weighed and Tyler informed me we now weigh the same amount. So that’s a new fun pregnancy fact. Even more fun to think about is that I haven’t quit gaining. I guess as long as I’m at this point, bring on the ice cream!

And for the most exciting news (well maybe a tie for the additional ice cream) is that I found the best way to take belly photos! I’m a bit sad I hadn’t thought of this earlier so I could have a full montage of belly growth. Because really, what better way to accurately portray the alien inside than shadow puppets?

shadow puppet with belly baby

Ok, and one last pregnancy fun fact since I just looked up how far along I am (I never really know, I just make up dates when people ask me). Did you know at 23 weeks a baby’s skin is growing faster than it’s fat? So basically inside me is a one-pound human Shar Pei. I guess this means my nightmare of being pregnant with a puppy is now partially true.


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