baby drumroll, please…

Now that I’m in the middle of my baby-growing season I’ve realized people only care about two things when you are pregnant: 1. Are you puking? 2. Is it a boy or a girl?

I sort of feel like a pregnant failure when I tell people I don’t really get that sick, and instead of losing weight or not eating I’ve doubled my hamburger intake. So I usually add things like, “Well, I have an amazing amount of heartburn.” But really heartburn just isn’t as dramatic as actually puking food up, so it never seems noteworthy.

About as interesting to people are my recently swollen feet (unless you saw them in person), so I’ll leave that for later and get to the second thing people seem to be so interested in: boy or girl.

And here is your answer: future baby will be boy #3! Which really now that I’ve told you doesn’t seem that exciting, does it? I mean, either way it can wear dresses (hello, Scottish heritage), and by the time it stops pooping in it’s pants every bathroom will be unisex.

I think the anticipation really lies in what color hair it will have. I mean, they can check if it has chromosome disorders at 12 weeks, see blood flow and parts of it’s brain at like 20 weeks, but they can’t tell me if it’s going to have red hair?? How am I supposed to plan for how much I will love it?

So beyond the sex of the baby I know no one really cares, but I’m going to give you an update anyway. It’s almost a pound now, which I equated to the amount of hamburger meat needed for things like tacos or lasagne. Although when I checked online it also said it was the size of a large banana. So I guess if you imagine a banana on steroids that would be what this little alien-bean is right now.

And lets get back to the swollen feet for a moment… It is so crazy! I remember when I had Mason and Milo I thought about how lucky I was that my feet didn’t swell up, and look at me now. At first it was just one side a little bit at night, but this last week it has become all feet, all day–and not just a little bit. On the plus side, two of the ways to help are not to sit for too long (totally not a problem when you have an office job) and to drink more water (also not a problem when you can’t pee for an hour+ subway ride home).

But on the plus side, we got our first baby clothes!



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