baby holders

Since we’re still crossing our fingers that we’ll move before I’m due, and I’ve been in slight denial about the whole pregnancy thing, I’ve really been putting off looking for anything in the baby category. But I figure I should start researching a bit at least, and I can always wait to buy things.

So today I made my first jump into baby products by Googling “baby holders.” What I found was the more common term is “baby carrier,” and that I already don’t like the cost of baby items.

But I figured researching and fake shopping are about the same, so why not make a post about it. And, if anyone wants to share their opinions on using these I’d love to hear. Last time I had babies the options were basically navy blue Baby Bjorn or floral trim Baby Bjorn.

Shopping for the best baby carrier

Tula in Alpaca | Baby K’tan | Boba 4G | Baby Bjorn WE | Ergo Adapt | Lille Baby 

got something to say? share away!

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