i tried using snapchat

I’ve always figured I’d just draw the line at Snapchat. I have Facebook, I know how to use Instagram, I sometimes use Twitter, I can sort of blog…

Then a few weeks ago I went to dinner with a some friends, and one friend started taking pictures with animal ears of our other friend’s daughter. And that’s when I learned all those animal ears people keep putting on their photos are from Snapchat. I know, it didn’t take me long to catch on to that, right?

So the next Saturday when I was babysitting for a friend I figured it was the perfect time to try out some cat ear pictures of my own. All I had to do was download Snapchat, right? My experience went something like this:

  • Download Snapchat.
  • Realize you have to sign up for an account, spend 15 minutes figuring out an account name that isn’t taken.
  • Spend three minutes realizing there are no filters in Snapchat!
  • Think, what a waste of time.
  • Download another app for filters.
  • Put in a picture and add ears.
  • Feel confused how to save the picture but not share it on Snapchat.
  • Take a screenshot and close the apps.
  • End feeling old and confused, but with the goal of a child’s face with cat ears accomplished.

On Tuesday I was telling my boss (who I’m still trying to teach about hashtags) that I got Snapchat, and while I was showing him the app I found the filters! Immediately followed by not finding them again.

A little while ago a friend on Facebook said, “Every time you ask a question about how to use Snapchat, you actually age 12 years.” And seriously, it could not be more true.

And I don’t even have a teenager that cares about social media to help me figure it out. Nor do I really have friends on Snapchat to share my insane photos with. And at least 9 out of 10 pictures taken are of my confused face trying to figure out how to use the filters.

Speaking of filters, I don’t get why more people don’t use filters in Snapchat photos. I figure if I’m going to share a photo somewhere other than Instagram or Faceobook, there should be a separate purpose. That purpose is crazy filters. All Snapchat photos should use at least one filter and no less than like three stickers .

So basically I really don’t get it still. I get confused why I can re-look at photos sometimes, but other times not. And I’m also sort of sad I think I’ve lost my first photo forever–my face was inside a glittery flower! Do you even call it a photo? Snap? Post? Should I be responding to other people’s photos? Where’s the like button? Basically this is me:

OMG guys, I just realized I have new filters today! So yeah, I made you these:

snapchat with Dory  snapchat rainbows and unicorns!

If this has in any way enticed you to get Snapchat I hope we can share awesome pictures soon.

One thought on “i tried using snapchat

  1. Hahahaha. I love this post. I don’t have a lot of interest in SnapChat, but maybe one day I’ll join just to follow people. I have tons of mom friends on SC. They always encourage me to join, but I don’t know that I need any more social media to follow. Although I think there has been a lot of migration from twitter to SC from celebrities. I’ll probably end up joining to follow celebrities/news outlets eventually. And at that point there will be some new thing the teens are doing.

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