from swimsuits to fatsuits

Well as long as I’m embracing this whole maternity thing I figured I may as well start shopping for a few things that fit a little more comfortable.

Problem one with shopping for maternity clothes right now: I dislike anything that can be described with the word “wrap” (you know, those dresses that are so easy for nursing), or anything that has a tie right under the boobs. I just don’t get why I can’t wear things that are free flowing over my continuously pumpkin-like body.

Problem two: any time I spend money I think of it as taking away from future house decorating I can do when/if we ever find a place to move.

Double solution: fake shop for non-wrap clothes and pretend I’ll buy them all! (And I get one of these dresses has a tie, but it looks simple enough to take off so I still count it as viable.)

cute maternity clothes that don't look like maternity clothes

Geometric Dress | Polka Dot Pinafore | Stripe Batwing Dress | The Ibis Dress | Vince Shift Dress | Rainbow Stripe T-shirt


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