fine, i admit it’s itchy

I’m in a slight denial about my stomach size. Like Saturday I wore a dress that I swear you couldn’t really tell if I were pregnant or full of burgers, but then someone asked if I wanted their seat on the train. No, thank you sir, maybe I just have a slightly bigger than average tummy.

But then a friend caught me scratching my protruding mid-section and said, “Oh, it’s getting itchy now huh?” And my first response was that it was just a normal run-of-the-mill itch, then I admitted to myself it was probably due to the thing inside currently being the size of a large mango.

And I tried on my last hope for jeans that might still fit comfortably, the boyfriend pair, only to look in the mirror and realize they didn’t look so oversized anymore. Then I wondered if they ever would again. Then I thought about how comfortable my cotton pants with the stretchy waist are…and I changed into them.

Also I have this purple shirt I’ve been loving because it proves I can still wear clothes without gathers or ties (gah, you’re so predictable maternity wear). But it seems to have shrunk because I am wearing it today and it will not stay tucked into my pants like it did last week.

Random prego thoughts for today: The Shake Shack cravings have lessened to about once every other week. My ankles are normal during the day, but lefty seems to be fatter at night. I feel like this is such an odd side effect of pregnancy. I call it fankles. I’ve replace my irrational fear of being hit by a car with falling through a street grate. This week the internet told me the baby was the size of a mango, but last week it said it was the size of a chicken breast. I thought, “Is there really nothing else you could compare a baby to besides raw, naked meat? Oh wait, I guess that’s technically what it is anyway.”

And, to top it all off, I found out this useful meal placement while lazily working last night.


Oh yeah, and someone pointed out that I’m halfway through my pregnancy. That’s halfway to having a live baby pooping and barfing on me. So I sent them this:



2 thoughts on “fine, i admit it’s itchy

  1. Yes! I love your pregnancy posts. And I can’t wait until you find out if it’s a boy or girl.

    Also, I remember never thinking my belly was all that big, even the day I delivered. But then looking back at pictures a year later I realized how huge it was! It just sneaks up on you.

  2. Buy the large coconut oil from Costco – works great for itchy skin and you can cook with it. You are looking fantastic.

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