upsets, a perspective

I can’t decide what I’m more upset about this week. First, the unicorn cat sparkly phone case I ordered (and patiently waited for it to be delivered without Amazon Prime from Greece) arrived defective and unable to fit on my phone. And the seller told me they wouldn’t even try to ship a new one, because obviously it was defective from shipping and what if it happened again? WHAT IF I really needed this unicorn cat phone case to protect my phone from nakedness??

I realize this doesn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things. I mean, we can’t even find a place to move yet, and I’m starting to feel stressed we’ll end up having to move with a baby. Actually moving with just a baby wouldn’t be so bad. It’s all the baby extras that really seem daunting. I think I’ve realized the smaller the human the more stuff they seem to need. Mason and Milo live no where near a clutter-free life, but I have noticed how much less stuff they need to keep themselves happy and occupied. (Except for that cardboard fort taking up 1/3 of their room right now.)

Where did this thought trail start again? Oh yes, my two upsets this week… My other being the fact that I’m an adult with allergies but all the allergy stuff out there seems directed at kids. I mean, kids don’t even like nuts. In fact, Mason tells me he wishes he could have my allergies because he doesn’t like any of those foods anyway. Also he’s a nice child and loves me.

Today I was searching online for nut-free granola recipes since I still haven’t found an adequate snack replacement for raw nuts. And everything seemed to be”kid approved.” Not that I can’t eat the same foods as kids, I just wonder what the big difference in saying “kid approved” vs just saying it’s tasty. It makes me worried it’s full of sugar or something to make kids like it.

Or maybe I feel a bit left out of the whole science of making people un-allergic, all the studies and info seems to be for kids. And that Chinese tea I tried last year did not help, but did give me a vivid memory of the most disgusting “food” I have ever put into my body multiple times of my own free will and choice.

But even though I miss everything I used to eat (and never being able to get drinks from one of the million smoothie carts along my walk to work), I still am so grateful my allergies aren’t more sensitive or that I don’t have more. And it has made me all the more aware of other people’s allergies–which I honestly didn’t think about at all before.

So I guess that’s it. Unless someone has a magical co-op they want to sell us that no one else can outbid us on. Or even a new unicorn cat case would work…

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