baby brain

So before you’re all like, “Ugh she just wrote about the baby, no one cares that much,” I’ve got really good reasons for two baby posts in a row:

  1. I forgot to post at all last week so this one to just happens to be another baby post right after the last one. (Pretend last week I posted about something else.)
  2. I have to deal with this thing growing inside me and the thoughts are on my mind more frequently than they used to be.
  3. I decided that this is sort of like my journal to the world, and maybe someday when I’m old this creature inside me will think it’s nice that I wrote about it so often.
  4. I just feel like sharing random thoughts with the vast unknown and seeing if anyone out there has had similar thinkings…

So really, let this serve as more of a warning to anyone who is grossed out by babies: I’m planning to post ever other week about current baby thoughts (maybe every week if I get really motivated to keep up the blog and the thoughts begin to come like waterfalls of inspiration). I was thinking I could post on Tuesdays and call it Tummy Tuesdays. But then if there were an appropriate alliteration for what I’m going through right now, Fat Fridays would probably be better.

But probably better not to give it a name and that way I won’t feel guilty inside for not posting on certain days–because we all know that I shouldn’t do anymore feelings-eating than I’m already doing.

Ok, on with it!

On Saturday morning I was doing that thing where you wake up and look at Facebook as if something magical will be there to start your day. I scrolled past a photo of someone SUPER pregnant and my first thought was, “Ew, hurry, scroll faster.” Similar to if I had just seen a picture of a mangled sport injury or a close up of a spider. Then I was like, “ohmygosh, that will be me one day…one day in the not so distant future.” And then I was sort of grossed out by myself.

Then there’s the fact that everything I wear still fits me ok, but when I look in the mirror I am a squattier, squarer self than I used to be. I don’t think it helps that my chesty area has also grown.

Other than that, this baby thing is exciting! I get to blame things on this barely human no one knows. Things like, I need to eat five meals a day (baby is hungry), I should take a nap at 2:00pm (so I can be healthy for the baby), or all the ice cream in the house is for me (it helps my baby heartburn).

Also it’s sort of fun to look up online what’s happening to the baby each week. Right now it has eyeballs in normal spots on its head and its heart is being controlled by its brain like a real human. Did you know that was a thing, random heartbeats without a brain?

My biggest fear right now is getting hit by a car when I cross the street and something happening to the baby. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I cross a lot of streets and have the thought constantly. Tyler sees it as a positive because it shows I have feelings.

And that’s my baby thoughts for this week!

Oh, here is my first baby stomach picture. Blame the friends who asked for it, and Tyler getting out of work late, for me taking a selfie while bored outside his building yesterday.




One thought on “baby brain

  1. YES! I am so excited for regular baby posts. You can post them every week or more if you want. I need to experience your pregnancy from afar. Having something grow inside you is so weird, I think. I’m also glad to see you have feelings and care if the baby gets hurt, for a long time it was hard for me to think the baby was anything but some sort of devil parasite.

    And I love the belly picture, but I really need a side view for it to count. And I need them weekly. K thanks.

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