hello afternoon naps and shake shack every week.

I’ve been totally slacking on blog posting the last few months. It’s hard to describe the lack of motivation. Like I want it to be there, I know it should be there, I like to write, yet I just don’t do it. Probably because I’d rather take a nap or eat a container of raspberries instead.

I also can’t explain why I have to drink orange juice almost every morning or need fresh fruit every afternoon. Milo even commented the other day that the orange juice amount in the fridge just keeps getting bigger (to be fair, one week it was a 2 for 1 deal). And I won’t even start with Shake Shack because the frequency of my visits is insane.

And I was doing SOOOO good at not telling anyone why. And the whole time I wondered how women who throw up in their first trimester do it. How do you literally puke for days and not be able to tell anyone at work?

How do you actually tell people? It’s kind of weird I think. Like people have to act excited for you, but are they really? I mean, it’s a baby. Even I’m like, come back to me when you at least know what sex it is. Even better, come back to me when it’s a potty-trained toddler.

So anyway, first we told the boys. Milo’s literally been asking about this for years so we figured they’d be excited. Since we sometimes do Mad Libs with them for fun, we figured we’d write up a fake Mad Libs that would have the news. And what better way to capture their excitement than to videotape it under the pretense of “just a normal blog post about Mad Libs.”

(Let this be a warning to you all, I have NEVER in my whole life edited a video and I know nothing about shooting videos. So this is totally home-shot and fumbled-around edited in a day. If you are not a grandparent and would like to spare yourself, please feel free to skip it.)

All that prepping and excitement to tell the boys, and that was their response? For the next few days I was sort of worried they weren’t really excited about the pregnancy, or that maybe if we’d told them differently they’d have reacted better.

Then a few days later I walked into Mason’s room and he asked if I’d get anymore ultrasound pictures of the baby. Then he talked about how it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, and how when the baby is older he’ll be old enough to have his license and can help drive them around places. (And I caught him staring at one of the current ultrasound pictures for like 5 minutes the other day.)

Later that night I told Tyler what Mason said and how he was excited, and Tyler goes, “Yep, Milo talked to me about the new baby too. He said we’ll need to buy another computer so that they can all play Minecraft together.”



2 thoughts on “hello afternoon naps and shake shack every week.

  1. Hurray! So happy for you. I didn’t get to watch the video but I’m glad the boys are all ready planning their future with their new sibling 🙂

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