tacos are just the beginning

Sometimes I’m searching for a meme that perfectly portrays my contempt for accidentally using the wrong your/you’re in chat, and I end up finding an amazing gem such as this:


And I think to myself, it’s true…I have such an inner struggle between delicious food and wanting to look model-hot in my swimsuit.

When I first moved to New York it was meant to be a temporary thing; a two-month internship then back to the West Coast. So I came with lofty goals of seeing museums and spending all of my internship money on eating out, focused on never double-dining at any establishment. (Helping me along in this cause was my studio apartment with no working stove and a mini-fridge that didn’t really close properly to keep things cold.)

So with these all-important goals in place, I put dieting aside and figured that once my two months were up I’d be back to cutting the gluten and curbing my sugar.

THEN IT ALL HAPPENED. I moved to New York; giving me access to the culinary whirlwind of tastiness pretty much indefinitely. So my two-month foodie access blossomed into a year, then two…now five and counting. And while I may double or triple up on some of my favorite places, I’m still constantly finding new spots with really good food to enjoy. So what used to be, “I’ll just try it this once because I may never be here again,” has morphed into, “I’ll just try it this once because even if I come back I may never order it again.”

It’s not that I eat super unhealthy all the time. But there is so much food to try–I’ve been here five years and I still haven’t eaten Ethiopian food! And really when there’s that much variety, there’s going to be a variety of healthiness as well.

But back to the bathing suit. That thing that seems to find its way into suitcases and onto my body (and sometimes into public pictures where people besides kind-words-Tyler  and oblivious-Mason-Milo can see me).

Actually I really don’t have much to say about the bathing suit, I kind of care but I don’t, and I’m not sure if I even should care at all. I frequently fluctuate between, “I still look ok,” and “I really need to do some sit ups and drink more smoothies for breakfast.” But then I get a text from a friend and we decide to eat Korean fried chicken at a place we’ve never tried. And then on top of that we add cheesy scallion pancakes and I (have to) try their homemade lemonade, because you know, I might not ever come back again.

And so most of the time I try to just think about eating healthy more often, not really “taste-testing” less…or dieting, or looking awesome in fitted clothes. Because I saw the light on that subject, and it’s way more awesome to throw away the fitted clothes and change  your style to “oversized.”

So sometimes I eat vegetarian, and sometimes I make homemade muffins with less sugar and more spinach, and sometimes I go to Shake Shack twice in one week.


Also if you must know, the Korean place was awesome and I’m definitely going to convince Tyler to try it with me.

And this has nothing to do with bathing suits or Shake Shack, but this was another random find today and I found it very funny. (Happy lil’ sushi roll!)

3 thoughts on “tacos are just the beginning

  1. Hi, did you lose your notebook? I found a shool marble notebook on the street near 6th ave. NYC. It had brain thoughts NYC written in it . If so, let me know how you would like to get it.. I could mail it to you.

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