the truth about rabbits

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We have now had a rabbit for about six months, which I guess means the bunnymoon is over and it’s time to get real about how much of a jerk he can be, but why everyone seems to love him anyway.

We did research online and talked to other people before we chose to get a rabbit, but I’m starting to think everyone lied to us. At first we thought maybe Petey has a few more issues because we adopted him, but the more we find out about other rabbits we’re starting to think they’re all just a bit nuts.

My feelings about Petey pretty much change from one moment to the next. Even as I write this I’m not sure if I feel regret or happiness that we agreed to let Milo pick him as a pet last year. When we first got him he was calm, would sit by us and let us hold him without a problem. Then I think he got comfortable and basically all bunny hell broke loose.

He’s chewed wires and cords, ruined lamps and headphones and chargers. We bought protective plastic to wrap around anything exposed. He munched on the corner of our comforter and staked a claim under our bed (growling and lunging at anyone trying to get him out). So we got a child gate to keep him out. (It works really well until you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and you kick the gate with your foot as you’re trying to climb over it half asleep.)

Next he decided to attack the baseboards. Very sneakily, but with such craziness in his eyes. Packaging tape covering the areas seems to thwart him so far, but he always seems to sneak places we haven’t yet taped.

But then there’s that part where everyone seems to find joy from him running around and being a big derp. For example, he hates being held. He literally tries to bite you and ends up attacking his own chin in madness, but he’s still so cute and fluffy.

Last week I about strangled him when he bit a hole in the couch cushion. HE HAS SO MANY THINGS HE CAN CHEW!!! Seriously, he has boxes, paper, cardboard, wires, blankets, carpet…basically all his food groups. I even forgave him when he chewed the back underside of the couch and made holes in the baby quilt I made Milo. But come on rabbit, the one piece of furniture in our whole apartment that’s somewhat nice and you have to chew one of the most noticeable spots?

The next day I still sort of hated him and hoped he’d just die a peaceful but early death, but then the day after I was kind of over it. Maybe I’m learning from the boys to forgive a little quicker. He honestly bit Milo in the face one day and for some reason Milo still likes him. Or maybe I’ve been thinking how most pets are sort of derps at times, but still lovable for some reason.

But lets not jump to any warm fuzzy conclusions, I still sort of dislike him and feel that he could at least kill bugs like a cat does or something. Or love us back like a dog would. But then there’s this too. And this.


6 thoughts on “the truth about rabbits

  1. Sorry for all the bunny troubles and frustrstions…ugh! And grrrr for all the really important things he’s chewed, Milo’s blanket and your couch. 😦 😦

    I guess it’s hard with all the allergies at your house, but I’d trade a puppy (or dog) for all the bunny troubles, or even second…a cat

    1. Yeah, cats sadly will never be an option. And really, having to walk a dog in any weather, then pick it’s poop up off the sidewalk with a plastic bag, doesn’t sound much more fun to me… although we’ve considered it. 😉

  2. Oh man. I started to feel this way with Flower. I thought I was all about having a “house rabbit”. After I decided I care more about my furniture and electrical cords, I decided “Hell no!” After that tipping point (along with the continual biting of Finn and Margo, on the face too I might add) she was not allowed to roam around the house any more. One day after she chomped through Finn’s sleeve, I had had enough. I put her on Craigslist. Our new rabbit has been a lot better and calmer. But I still don’t know if I’m sold on rabbits. True rabbit people are straight crazy I’ve decided.

  3. It sounds to me your rabbit isn’t neutered. Not only will the growling stop, it does lighten the chew attacks. And they are easily litter box trained. I have a Netherland Dwarf. He doesn’t have a cage or an enclosure. He sleeps under our bed. He does not chew or dig and he is an awesome pet. We love him dearly and let me run around wherever he wants, even out front (supervised). He does crazy binkies and flops. The other rabbit (same race/type) did chew aggressively and nothing could stop him. Not bitter apple spray, nothing. He also chewed on plants on our patio and tried to escape three times! He was pretty naughty, very rabbity. Most of our baseboards are still “remodeled”. Rabbit friends call it Bunstruction :). So you have a chewer. But you cannot let me sit in the cage or enclosure because they also chew when they are bored and angry. There are really good websites that explain their language (“the language of lagomorphs” and house rabbit society. I hope

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