is there corn in that?


Mason has been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma at school these past few weeks, resulting in him (and subsequently Milo) looking for and pointing out every place they find corn.

Mason has been so excited about this book, which has made me a little mom-proud that I have a child who cares about food sources and healthiness. I figured to keep the momentum going (and get him to slowly realize why I say no to Doritos every time we go to the store) I’d suggest they watch Food, Inc.

Again, pretty mom-proud that my two sons would care about this subject and enjoy a documentary on it. At their age I don’t remember knowing or caring about things like this. Like, did they just not have documentaries like they do now? Or was I just more oblivious? Either way, it seems a positive move that children are learning these types of things and exploring the world in a different way.

“What great, smart children,” I thought. “Soon I can show them Forks Over Knives and get them on board replacing more meat with veggie meals.”

Then Monday, for Pi Day, I found a recipe to make mini chicken pot pies. The recipe was one of those, “open the packages and throw things together.” It was very quick and easy, but also went against most of our recent plans to eat healthier. But I’m not so good with dietary restrictions (except the ones that close off my throat), so I figured I may as well wander off the straight and narrow this once to try something random to celebrate a sort-of holiday.

The best part though, was when the boys (those same ones who are SO conscious of eating better) sat down to eat and Mason goes, “These are so good, and they’re not made with anything processed.”

And right there I realized how much they learned from watching Food, Inc…

On the plus side, we’ve come a long way from the day Mason said, “I ordered chicken nuggets from McDonalds instead of a burger to be healthier.”

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