backpack, backpack

I haven’t had a backpack since middle school. I don’t necessarily have anything against backpacks for others, I just find them sort of awkward feeling to wear.

But then out of all my reoccurring back/neck issues, half are lower back and the other half are focused on the right side of my body. And of course, I carry everything on my right shoulder.

So I’ve been reconsidering the whole backpack thing, at least for carrying my laptop to work. I mean, Dora has one and she looks totally cool. Of course, she’s also not over 30. You just watch out Dora, one day you’ll be skipping along and BOOM, your back spasms. But at least your neck and shoulder will feel better because you’ve been carrying a backpack evenly all these years.

Stylish backpacks you could use anywhere.

Backpack (2) | Foldsack No.1 | Settlement Backpack | Survey Backpack | Tassel Backpack | Arlington Rucksack | Katherine


And while we’re on the subject of Dora, I found this funny (I love dachshunds!).


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