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Documentaries and international films are my favorite parts of Netflix (and I’ll be honest, home makeover shows rank pretty high too). Last month when I was confined to a couch for days I got some good Netflixing in, part of which involved one of those life-inspiring documentaries I wish everyone would watch. Last night Tyler and I watched another documentary I thought was really great. So I thought, you know, I want to hear a little more about documentaries other people recommend too.

So I’ll start with three of my favorites on Netflix right now:

Three Stars

Yes, I love food so this maybe wasn’t a big surprise as a top choice. But what I thought this documentary showed was more of the passion behind the cooking. Not every one of the chefs were likable in my opinion, but they all had such interesting perspectives of the cooking world and their role in it. I felt like it paced similar to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, also a great one.

Forks Over Knives

I may have read the synopsis too fast and thought this was only going to be about processed foods, so we were slightly surprised by the actual topic. But lets just say this movie is highly recommended for your health. Tyler and I have both vowed to take veggie (aka, less meat) eating more seriously. We can make friends with salad!

The Drop Box

This is maybe one of the saddest and most heartwarming documentaries all rolled into one. In the documentary they share that Pastor Lee’s Drop Box is not without controversy in the media, but I felt like Pastor Lee himself and his message of genuine love for others triumphed any controversial thoughts. His devotion, understanding of God’s plan and love really shines through and makes you want to make the world a better place too.


Ok, your turn. Who has a favorite documentary to share? I’ve been wanting to watch Tig for a while now, but still haven’t gotten to it.

Or an international movie recommendation, I love those too!

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