why i’m happy we didn’t make heart pancakes


I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I just don’t really care about it. I semi-side with the people who argue you shouldn’t need to be reminded to love your significant other. But I also get the sentiment in having a day to just really remember and express it. Also I like celebrating holidays in general. So I guess I’m sort of middle ground.

Tyler doesn’t feel the need to get me flowers, and I prefer his M.O. of surprising me with them at random times instead. We went to dinner on Friday night, but up until Thursday Tyler didn’t realize it was Valentine’s weekend. We don’t buy each other “normal” gifts because we decided there are enough holidays for that.

Even still, for weeks I’d been trying to decide what to do to celebrate Valentine’s as a family. I could decorate with paper hearts hanging from the ceiling above the kitchen table…or streamers from the bedroom door. What kind of special dinner could we have? Should we start a tradition of celebrating a cheesy Valentine’s Day? Should we give the boys a treat or a small gift?

Then before I knew it, it was Saturday and 20 degrees outside. I spent most of the day babysitting for a friend and thinking how lucky I was that I didn’t have to leave the apartment.

Sunday we woke up to the thought of walking to church in windchills of -18 (in case you’re wondering, it feels like being slammed in the face with a snowball for about 15 minutes straight). When we got back home I realized it was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t planned anything. Not only did we not have a special dinner, we literally ate the exact same thing we’d eaten Saturday (although, to be fair, everyone loved it).

No decorations, no strawberries at breakfast, no fancy cheese, no candles at dinner, no gifts for the boys… Instead we wrote them each a card. One side written from me, the other side from Tyler. We left them on their pillows to find when they went to sleep.

And I really liked that it was all we did. Because really it satisfies both sides of the argument. Nothing fancy, but still a little extra something. And Mason even thanked me for the card the next day.

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