my so called sloth life

cute baby sloth

You know those things that aren’t funny at all at the time, but then you can laugh about later? I had one of those a couple of weeks ago, and I think I’m ready to laugh a little.

I’m not quite sure all the events that led up to this fiasco, but I’m sure it has something to do with the other part of being an adultier adult–the kind that wakes up one day with pains and aches but no idea where they came from. Tyler said he Googled it and it’s basically because I’m over 30. Yay!

Anyway, back to the funny story… The one where I hurt my back leaning over to open a drawer (seriously,  how is that even possible?). Not really that funny I guess, but sort of ridiculous. Also it led to me walking almost to the train, then back home a few steps, then back towards the train, then back again…all while thinking, “This is ridiculous, I can’t even walk down the stairs…No, I just make it to work and I’ll sit there…Wait, what if I get cramped up and can’t get off the train…Don’t be a baby, just go to work…” Possibly more weird than funny.

How about the part where Tyler tried to help me feel better by scrubbing the tub and making a bubble bath for me when he got home. But the water was scorching hot when I tried to step in, then when I tried stepping out my back seized up and I couldn’t really move. And Tyler ended up stuck with one foot in the water while trying to support me stepping out at sloth’s pace. Maybe more awkward than funny.

Then basically sloth’s pace became the theme for the next few days. Which is not only sort of comical to look back on, it helped me realized some things. Like the lesson at the end of a PBS cartoon.

  1. My husband is very good at staying cool under pressure. (Even when that pressure is a scalding hot bath tub water.)
  2. My older son is very attentive and likes to help. (He first offered to stay home with me, then made sure to take the extra cell phone to school just in case I needed to call him.)
  3. My younger son is more clueless, but listens well to orders called from the couch.
  4. My self is not very patient and does not like to lie down for long periods of time, even if it means I can play Candy Crush with a good excuse.
  5. If something serious were to happen to me the apartment would go to ruins in a matter of days, but the dishes would probably be done periodically.


BTW, have you ever seen the documentary about sloths on Netflix? They’re still so cute in pictures, but I really could have done without knowing they’re basically a moving home for mold and bugs.

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