try, try again mr. teenager

Over the years Mason has made many crafty things and little inventions. For Christmas he asked for a wireless glue gun, and our best surprise gift for him was a ream of colored computer paper.

Last week he made everyone in the family drink coasters by hot gluing our initials in a design on a flat surface and cooling them in the freezer. And I’m once again a proud mom of a cardboard house, this time one that has been wired with a doorbell, light fixture and hole for shooting nerf guns out of.

The week before that he had an idea to earn money by selling origami knife replicas from a video game (which I told him was probably not the best idea). His next ideas were hot glue art keychains and origami paper stars.

So far nothing he’s done has caught on, but he just keeps trying for something new. A few weeks ago he even asked to buy a calligraphy set so he can learn to write like he’s seen in videos. He’s wavered back and forth learning bits of coding and computer skills from all over.

While I want to keep fueling creativity, sometimes I worry that he’ll never learn to stick with anything. Like will he just do things if they’re easy, then give up once it really becomes work to fine tune?

So I will admit, I dissuaded him from buying the calligraphy set, I didn’t follow through with buying the clay, I told him people at school wouldn’t pay for keychains made with paperclips as the loop.

Then this morning as I told him that if he wants to build portable phone chargers he’d have to do something besides make them in Altoids boxes because those weren’t really selling on Etsy… Then I had a second thought. Maybe I need a little more childlike “try, try again” in my life.

When did this child attitude leave us? Probably sometime around when we realize failure can be heartbreaking, or that it usually takes money to try new things. Personally I know my optimism to try is often battling with my realism of it probably not working out.

So in short, from my 13-year-old son I was reminded to, you know, do all that fancy stuff written on motivational posters.






I seriously love this last one–maybe it will become actual wall art somewhere… (Also, don’t make fun, but this might have motivated me to try to design my own blog header soon.)


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