swim away

Yes, it’s that time of year where all I want to do is plan a vacation to a sunny beach. I don’t think it helps that my kids have a week off in February for winter break, basically begging for us to use the time wisely by drifting away somewhere warm.

But, alas, no trip for us this year, as we’re still on that whole being responsible and saving thing. I sort of feel like I’m on a vacation diet, and I just need to strengthen my willpower to not indulge in that sugary deliciousness that is a tropical ocean. It doesn’t help that swimsuit emails have been making their way to my inbox.

So, this is probably totally weird, but I have an issue with tan lines that keeps me from ever wanting to buy one-piece swimsuits. Maybe it doesn’t sound that weird, until you realize never in my whole life do I wear anything that would even vaguely let you see the tan lines. It’s probably part of my inner obsessiveness to just have things even and streamline. (If you can’t understand this, you’ll definitely never get the anxiety I feel when my husband wears sun shirts at the beach, resulting in him only have freckles on his arms.)

Anyway, lets move on to the day that I took advantage of the one perk my old job with PINK had to offer… amazing sample sales. One of which I got a really cool designer one-piece swimsuit for really cheap. And now I’m sort of wanting more. Because, you know, there’s always indoor swimming at the hotel pool?


Isola Stripe Maillot | Seaside | Cut Out Back Bustier | Harlow | V Neck | Seafolly Sweetheart | Low Rise Back | Gabrielle | Sophia | Make A Slash | Bananarama


To be completely honest, I had the hardest time narrowing swimsuits down to my favorites–so I added a bunch more to my Pinterest board! Let me know if you have any other fun places to shop for suits… Obviously I need more ideas. 🙂


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