for the love of cheese


Whenever I feel down about my food allergies I remind myself how lucky I am that I can still eat cheese. I’ve told Tyler multiple times that I will never get tested to see if I’m allergic to cheese because I might just rather die from a cheese allergy than live without cheese in my life.

Which is why I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do a blog post celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day!

Let’s start with the fact I really, really like cheese. So much so that my second time visiting NY my sister took me to this place, which has a larger cheese menu than actual food.

Then two summers ago Tyler and I took a cheese tasting class from Murray’s Cheese where we ate and learned about unusual cheeses. I loved it! I felt like there were so many cheese tastes I didn’t even know existed. I’d say the only downside to the class was hearing how much they eat cheese in Spain and wishing I lived there.

We tried sharing our newly found cheese knowledge with family a couple times…only to find out that although many people love cheese, not all of them love the same “unusual” ones we do. So I guess not everyone’s family pastime is to try new artisanal cheeses from the grocery store.

My favorite cheese ever is Humbolt Fog. One of the only ones I remembered from our cheese class. I feel like it’s the perfect middle ground–a little outdoorsy and punchy, but still calm enough that it doesn’t overpower you. As a bonus it looks awesome too. And it’s so tasty with these crackers. (If you haven’t tried these crackers, you must. They have the slightest hint of sugar–I love them with earthy cheeses, but they’re just about as addicting alone.)

And, if you’re really not into cheese. Or happen to have the sadness of all sadnesses: cheese allergies (is that a thing, or is it all dairy? I dunno)… You can grill up one of these sandwiches instead. Almost the same, right?


Do you have a favorite cheese? Let me know–I really, really want to try it!

One thought on “for the love of cheese

  1. We should do something cheese-y together. I love all cheeses – even the strong ones. I, too, am disappointed at how many people only like the mild, normal cheeses.

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