if wishes were dishes

In December Tyler and I had a conversation something like this:

  • Tyler: Do you have any ideas for Christmas? I was thinking if you wanted we could get new dishes and make them sort of a family gift.
  • Me: I haven’t really thought about getting new ones…
  • Tyler: Our dishes our really big and heavy, they have some chips, they feel bulky…
  • Me: Do you want new dishes for Christmas?

Since then I’ve been thinking of new dishes. Looking around I’ve realized that I actually lean towards heavy dishes, but now the truth is out there that Tyler doesn’t really like them. Then I found these, which look like a really nice middle ground. But $128 for four plates? I’ve never wanted to care if dinnerware breaks or chips, and that is not an “I don’t care” price. My other thought has been this old-style diner look, but probably too heavy again. So, the search continues…


Olson Dinnerware | Sissinghurst Castle | Mystic Venus Yellow | Smoke Rings | Leif Dinnerware | Jadeite Glass | Eclectique Dinnerware 


PS: If you happen to love hot chocolate as much as I do, I found this really yummy recipe that uses real chocolate (and it doesn’t even look hard to do)!


3 thoughts on “if wishes were dishes

  1. Take a look at Corelle dishes? They have some modern/contemporary ones. They don’t break very easy or chip. But you’d have to look at the website to see ALL the choices 🙂

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  2. I LOVE mismatched dishes. That’s what I actually had until I married Brian. He was not a fan, so we just got plain white ones from crate and barrel. But I had a whole “set” of super cute/fun dishes. I’m still a little bitter I gave them up. They were fun to collect – and it never mattered if one broke (although none did), because I could just find a different one.

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