hair & houseplants

I saw an article about new hairstyle trends of 2016, read ‘blunt bob’ and first thought: Hey that’s pretty much how I accidentally cut my hair last week.

Second thought: Too bad I decided to make this year the year I grow my hair back out. (Because, you know, it makes for more fun when I chop it off again.)

Third thought: Maybe I could make my hair more stylish before it goes out of style. And I tried parting it down the middle yesterday. It looked about the same, but it was still fun to tell Tyler I changed my hair and let him pretend to know what the change was.

Yesterday I found this series of photographs of plants, and for some reason the roots remind me of hair. Also I am still on the search for the perfect houseplant I can’t kill. So far I’ve found plenty of hearty houseplants that are too large for my little pots, and little plants I’ll probably kill (or have already in the past). But if my lack of green thumb were no option…

fake shop friday houseplant

Peperomia String Garden | Egg Base Terrarium (the Mikado plant is apparently hard to find) | Donkey Tails | Ionantha Guatemalan Air Plant | The Gnome Home


Random last thought: Searching “cute cactus” on Etsy returns some pretty amazing things.


One thought on “hair & houseplants

  1. I feel the same way about bangs. I love them in pictures and then I get them and start hating them instantly because they are always in the way. so i remind myself never to get them again…until i see another photo! love the idea of houseplants. I need more in my home too!

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