i see you, new year…

window sill plant

Two years ago I made my first New Year’s resolution. It wasn’t very nobel or anything, just something I felt like trying for the year: to write one silly rhyming poem every day. Turns out I’m ok at writing rhyming poems on a whim, but when I feel forced to write one a day my mind blanks–and I didn’t get very far in my year.

Last year I made a list of “not resolutions.” Probably because at the time I hated my job and was feeling negative about the world and wanted to stop. Slightly more nobel I guess.

Maybe this proves I’m getting old, but I’ve decided to do resolutions for a third year in a row. A nice mix of nobel and random. And yesterday someone told me the Farmers’ Almanac said if you set your goals on the 5th of January you’re more likely to succeed. So even though I’ve thought about these for a few days, I’m going to say they’re only official as of this blog post.

  • Keep a potted plant alive – I have managed to keep the above pepper plant alive since last spring (probably mostly due to the watering system it’s in) and it’s given me confidence to try with a real plant. Or two. You know, just in case.
  • Give more in person – It is so hard to explain why, but I get embarrassed to give money to people I see on the streets or subways. Like I worry they’ll get mad. I know it’s totally a mental thing so my goal is to get over that.
  • Go rock climbing – I never seem to have enough time or free days to do things like this, but this year I want to make it more a priority.
  • Pray more – pretty self explanatory, I just want to be a little better at it.

I’ve come to view the new year as a nice mile marker for goals. Although it’s still totally possibly I’ll have to renew my goals mid year, or whenever the plants die. If you’re still thinking about setting goals, here’s some motivation. And if you happen to know any good indoor plants that are hard to kill, I’d love suggestions.


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