from instagram to pinterest

I really confused myself today deciding whether to post a New Year’s post or a shopping post. It is Friday, after all. But then is this post really what I want to start out my new year? Then I decided, yes, OCD brain, you can win out this time. Friday must be fake shopping. And I can always write an amazing New Year’s post tomorrow. (Or whatever day I decide to say good-bye to my holiday vacation.)

So here we are, a new place to shop for the new year!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine tagged me in an Instagram post to win something (at the moment I can’t remember what), and it led me to finding Piper & Scoot’s Instagram account. I scrolled through a few pictures and decided, why not, may as well follow them. They had a boot giveaway and I was very ready to share the winnings with my friend that originally introduced me.

But alas, my typical luck held strong and I didn’t win. What did happen was that I decided to finally check out their site–and found quite a few things to start pinning.

friday shop piper and scoot

The Dollop BlouseThe Olive Melody DressThe Deep Pocket Cardigan | The Avenue Sweater | The Wishlist BootieThe Anniversary Jumper

PS: On the subject of New Years and Instagram, how awesome is this hat Mason made for Petey?

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