christmas wrap

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First, I’m over Christmas pjs. Can I say that without everyone thinking I’m a scrooge? Maybe because I thought it was this magical tradition my family did growing up, and then I grew up and learned that almost EVERY OTHER FAMILY did the exact same thing. Also because I have no room in my drawer/pretend dresser for holiday-specific sleepwear.

But guess what I do love? Sweats with pockets! So I can keep snacks with me wherever in the apartment I roam. And to thwart my phone from walking off and hiding itself in places where I have a hard time finding it. So in an effort to enjoy snack-filled lounging, and keep the “night before” gift opening tradition the kids seem to enjoy, I bought everyone a plain pair of sweats (with pockets) this year. Yay!


And for the rest of our Christmas… After a busy morning dropping Petey off at a friends house for babysitting (pets are so much more work than not pets!), we opened presents, had our traditional Christmas crepe breakfast, packed our bags and headed out for a train ride to visit family in Pennsylvania.

Family time was a success. I solidified my place as Lincoln’s favorite aunt, reaffirmed that Josh is the only non-immediate family member that can keep up with my movie quotes, and introduced Mason and Milo to the wonder that is ¡Three Amigos!

But, my favorite part of Christmas this year may have been the gifts. So commercial and not Christian of me, I know. But it’s so fun to watch everyone open everything, and I love surprises! There were two highlights for me this year.

One: giving Tyler his first real chef knife (aka, not from Ikea).


Two: the fact that Tyler registered for a Pinterest account just so that he could snoop my Pinterest boards, resulting in this awesomness…


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