all that fake glitters

Every year around the holidays companies seem to think the most appropriate attire to market is things with glitter. Because of this, December usually ends up being the time of year where I want to jump off the deep end of style, go opposite my comfy oversized blah clothes, and buy something with a little shine.

This year I actually did it when I found this sweatshirt on Black Friday.


A sequin cat, with reindeer antlers? That is amazing and totally worth the shine, right? Plus it was $5. Now you can adequately feel my pain when I received an email the day after ordering telling me that it was out of stock and they had credited back my money. Sad was that day.

But I am a survivor, and there are plenty of other glittery things on the internet. None of which I’d actually buy–but plenty I could fake shop for and wish that one day I had some sort of glamorous party to wear.

Actually, maybe not. I sort of like my New Year’s tradition of sitting home, watching a movie that almost makes us miss the ball drop, and toasting the boys with sparkly juice.


Feather Sequin Jacket | Sparkle Midi Dress | Sequin Dress | Sequin Shimmer Cardigan | Sequin Jogger Soft Pant | Sparkle Mesh Skater Dress

I might just have to fulfill my shimmer hankerings with this polish this year.

One thought on “all that fake glitters

  1. I’m so mad that they cancelled that amazing cat/reindeer shirt order. And I used to hate sparkly things. Love i love everything with sequins on it. LOVE.

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