being an adult outside your comfort zone

Milo has had a lot of good quotes in his life. One of my favorites was the time he said, “Whenever I meet a new person I make a new friend.”

My boys have always been my example for being sociable with others. The problem is, as an adult (with a loner-social tendencies) I sometimes still have a hard time putting myself in potentially awkward social interactions.

So last night I was invited to a holiday party by basically a friend of a friend, and the friend I knew better was not attending. I tried asking multiple people to be my guiding light/social crutch, but to no avail. Then I almost cleverly talked myself out of it because I had hurt my back Friday and was still unable to turn to my right side without looking like a weirdo. Also it was sort of far away and possibly was going to rain. And I had other errands to run. And I hadn’t bought a present I needed for the swap they were doing…

What I did instead was email an RSVP in the affirmative so I felt forced not to back out. I bucked up and just went on my own, not knowing if a lonely corner or hours of pretending to text Tyler lie in my future; worried that my “favorite things” gift was going to be dumb and no one would want it.

And guess what? Milo was right! I mean, maybe they won’t call me friends just yet, but possibly one or two might consider it in the near future. I mean, I did give Abuelita hot chocolate as one of my favorite things–I challenge anyone to dislike that.

Also I had never done a favorite things gift exchange, but now I want to do one every year. (Although I’d probably add in the gift-stealing involved with white elephant gifts).

Basically everyone brought their favorite thing(s) as a gift. Something that made their life easier or something they can’t live without (within a price range). All the gifts were gathered on a table and someone picked and opened one. If your gift was opened you had to explain a little about why it was your favorite thing, and then you got to pick the next gift. It was nice because I could judge who could be my potential best buds by whether or not food was involved in their gift.

As someone at the party said, “It’s like we’re all Oprah!” Which was funny, and kinda true. But without the new cars to give away.


PS: This bunny silently judging as I type away…


3 thoughts on “being an adult outside your comfort zone

  1. Good for you. I am quite the loner, too, and often talk myself out of things. Sometimes I’ll go and leave early if I really hate it. And I love favorite things gifts, too! They are so fun.

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