remember that blog thing i did? i almost forgot.

I bet you were all on the edge of your seat wondering when I’d ever post again. Sometimes I’m just not talented enough to work from home, host Thanksgiving dinner, Instagram Petey pictures, and blog all in the same weekend. In fact, this past weekend I probably proved I’m barely talented enough to just host Thanksgiving dinner.

But guess what? It all worked out and we had mostly edible items at the dinner table. (If you discount the pumpkin dessert that came out of the oven with un-baked cake mix, a pale-looking key lime pie, and the overly dried rosemary biscuits.) So basically everything Tyler made was delicious, and we learned a couple lessons. Lesson 1: always invite guests to Thankgiving dinner that know how to cook. Lesson 2: it does not take two hams to feed eight people.

On a sad note, we were so busy making our semi-delicious meal that I didn’t take a single picture. What am I supposed to add in my yearly photo montage now?? I guess I’ll just have to settle for this one at the park.

monkey bars kisses

The park where in 10 minutes I went from excitedly hanging upside down, to looping around the pull-up bars, to pulling a leg muscle and limping home. Why do we have to get old? I sound so old just saying that. Anyway, the picture was mostly just fun to take because Tyler doesn’t really like heights, which I don’t understand because we were close enough to the ground it could barely be considered heights. But then again, I sort of like heights I guess. Which is why I swung around and around on the pull-up bar like I did in grade school. Then pulled my calf muscle.

Also, guess what else. My wallpaper samples came over the weekend! And I picked one and am ordering more of it, which means I’m one step closer to potential removable wallpaper disaster. So, yay for that! (UPDATE: lessons learned from actually wallpapering.)

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