thankful for internet recipes

When I was younger I used to profess my favorite food as Thanksgiving dinner. Not just any one thing–I had a love for the meal itself. My family liked to comment on my habit of mixing food… The perfect bite definitely consists of a little of everything on my plate: turkey, potatoes, stuffing and green beans with a good amount of gravy.

Fast forward to last year, our first time hosting Thanksgiving. The time where Tyler brined a turkey inside a cooler on our fire escape. It was a pretty tasty bird, I tried out a fancy green bean recipe made in the cast iron skillet, and that was about the extent of the food excitement.

Well, this year Tyler has been talking for months about trying a ham. We’re all in agreement, our guests are on board… And then this morning I realized that beyond the ham (and Milo’s key lime pie) we don’t have anything planned. So, thank you internet recipes! I’ve found so many delicious looking items, I almost can’t choose what to make.

What I’m really wondering is, am I the only one that plans this last minute? Well, either way, here are some of the yummy things I’ve found so far–right now I’m leaning towards making them all…


Parmesan, Pine Nut & Rosemary Biscuits | Best Ever Green Bean Casserole | Scalloped Potatoes | Pumpkin Cobbler | Baked Miniature Pumpkins

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