quick trips

Last week I voluntarily skipped a couple blog posts (and let the children skip school) in favor of spending time with Tyler’s mom for the weekend.

I was talking to a friend about how Marci had just flown in Friday morning and was already leaving that Sunday afternoon. They remarked something along the lines of that not being a very long visit, how they would wish for more time… And I really thought about these short trips Tyler’s family likes to make. I actually really like them.

Long trips need more planning and more time off work–things that keep us saying we’ll visit later. Short trips require a free weekend (and maybe one vacation day). Plus it’s so much simpler to plan a few days of sightseeing instead of a week’s worth–and it leaves things to do next time!

With each of Tyler’s siblings living in a different state (Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania and us in New York), Tyler’s parents have become an experts in short trips.

It’s about as simple as, “Are you free this weekend? Ok, tickets purchased.” This time Marci sent a text requesting a stop at a Manhattan fabric store, and Broadway (or off Broadway) entertainment. All we really had to plan were the meals.

boise tea parlor

fabrics & fabrics

king and i

It was short and sweet, and lots of fun. Plus, lets be honest, family may loves us, but they probably don’t really want to stay more than a few days on our pull-out couch anyway. 😉

2 thoughts on “quick trips

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun (and quick trips really are great – not enough time to get on each other’s nerves). Posts like this make me wish that we lived away from family sometimes :).

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