fake shop friday: shine on

My closet is full of oversized sweaters, tunic tops and other comfortable/easy items. What you will not find in my closet is animal prints, glitter, sparkly or shiny items. Mostly it just seems too bright and attention-getting for me. Probably also the fact if I owned something on the aforementioned list I would have to really think about how to wear it, whereas my wardrobe now I could almost randomly pick a pair of jeans and any top would match.

But then the holidays season comes around and I see shimmer and sequins all over the place and I start to think I could actually pull some of that off. (Also I found this picture on Pinterest, and I really wished I owned them.)

fake shop friday shimmer

Cooperative Metallic Lace Mini Dress | Embellished Blouse | Flirting Glitter LoafersFilo Brushed Metallic Sweat | Metallic Stripe Top | Metallic Embroidered Blouse

It all makes me want to do this for awhile!

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