fake shop friday: spooky style

My basic MO for halloween costumes is this: think of ideas weeks ahead but decide it’s too soon to plan, realize a week before Halloween that the actual Halloween party we’re attending is in two days, find something that can mostly be thrown together at home or from the nearby dollar store/CVS, promise next year will be different and planning will start on time.

This was my best attempt at that. We cut it out about 30 minutes before our church party. It was a bit of a frantic evening but it turned out pretty good for a last minute idea. (Tyler made a giant pair of scissors to match.)

halloween 2012

I think this last minute-ness comes as a result of being busy and forgetful, and having a hard time spending more than $10 on something I’ll wear once. Probably also why about every other year I end up wearing my go-to costume: whatever bright colors I find in my closet combined with a bobbly headband I’ve owned for about 5 years that can easily pass as a bug or an alien. (Or the ultimate lazy: tape in the middle of my glasses.)

This year, guess what? I actually planned something and I have most of the costume already. Yay! But then I started looking around and noticing all the non-costume costumes out there, and I got a little jealous I haven’t used any of these item to pass off as Halloween cheer. Maybe next year…

fake shop halloween

Evil Eyes Plimsolls | Simoncini | Pumpkin Sweatshirt | Skeleton Leggings | Mummy Nail Stickers | Teeth Midi Dress

PS: These are the cutest paper printables–I want to make them all! (But I started with the mummy.)


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