life on the road with a family of 7

It may not be living abroad, but what my friends Genavie and Colt have done for the past three years is pretty foreign to the traditional way of living. Colt’s job takes him to different cities every 3-6 months, and after a few months of him traveling on his own they decided to have Gen and their five kids start moving with him. After a couple years living in hotels and minimally furnished apartments, they bought a home on wheels–and have been living the RV adventure ever since!

I love their view on minimal possessions and family memories, so I was super happy Gen agreed to share a little about their lifestyle on the blog.

stevens 5

On losing control and finding peace:

The hardest thing for me when we first started our nomadic lifestyle was feeling out of control. I was a very type A personality before we started. I had a plan for everything and everyone in my bubble. My days used to be organized down to the minute. It was very hard not being in control of where we were going next, and not being told with enough notice.

I had to learn how to plan for a family of seven to live in a new place I had never been to, figure out how to get there, and what we would need there–all in about a week. I have now learned to function well when I have no control and to give up ultimate control to God.

When we shifted to living in an RV there were new challenges I didn’t expect. I knew it would be a small space but I don’t think I realized how small it would be. We are a family of seven in roughly 300 square feet. Every time I turn around I am bumping into someone or something. I have had to really make an effort to be calm in the middle of the chaos. If I ever want a moment of peace and quite I go outside or go for a walk alone.


On favorite memories and friends:

Meeting new people is one of the best parts of the traveling lifestyle. The people and cultures are so different all over the country. Getting to know people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, that speak different languages and even from different countries. Meeting new people has helped our family to better understand, love, respect and appreciate everyone–no matter age, race, religion, gender or any other thing that makes us different from each other. We love that we are all the same inside. We are so thankful for social media so we can keep in touch with all the amazing people we meet.

Although I make great friends along the way, we are not really in an area long enough to form the same long-lasting forever friendships I’ve had before. I would say one of the things I miss the most is having best friends. The kind of friends where just being around each other is enough, no plans needed. The kind that you can call at 2 am and they will come right over if you need them.


On time and travels:

In our three years of travels, we’ve now lived in 10 cities across the U.S., but I easily have my personal favorites:

#3 New York City: We were there for 9 months, which has been our longest stay so far. I loved the people. The city felt like it was alive, it just had an energy I have never felt anywhere else. The holiday season was magical, minus the freezing temps.

#2 Miami: South Beach was my favorite beach. The water was beautiful and warm. We were there in the middle of summer and I actually liked the humidity.

#1 San Diego: The weather is perfect year round. Bonfires on the beach, catching some waves and chilling in the sand made for a memorable stay. Oh, and the Mexican food cannot be beat because you are practically in Mexico.

Did you notice they are all coastal? I love the ocean.


So here we are, still traveling around. Our current stop is Las Vegas, where we’re excited to spend a warm winter after NY. When we first started this we thought we would do it for a year then look for a new job that was more stable, but after that first year we just weren’t ready to give it up.

We have been to places and experienced things as a family that we never would have been able to afford to do when we were stationary in our Colorado home. It’s not every day that you can travel and experience the country while you work. So as long as we have this opportunity we are going to enjoy it and live it up.



Want to hear more about Gen and her family of seven? Here’s her Instagram for short snippets, or her blog for more of the story. (All pics from Genavie’s Instagram.)

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