fall about the boots

Last year I wore one pair of boots pretty much the entire winter. (And yes, I loved them so much I replaced them with the exact same pair when they broke.) But I realized I was also avoiding about a third of my closet because it didn’t go with black boots.

So to expand my closet options for winter, I am on the hunt for some brown boots–or gold or green or whatever I get caught up in as I peruse the internet. There are honestly so many boot options out there it’s sort of a bit of choice overload, but I did narrow it down to ankle height, slight heel. I don’t know why, but I just can’t bring myself to wear tall boots anymore. Is that just me?

fake shop friday boots

Justin (gold) | Rafa (front strap) | Mars (v-stretch) | Goodwyn (w/laces) | Chloe (red) | Olive Booties (dots) | Suede Boots (green) | Leather Band Hat


Not boot-related at all, but how crazy are these shoes? It’s like a monster is eating your foot.

PS: As I was putting together the image for this post I found out my first Fake Shop Friday post was a year ago! I almost can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year (and I still want those blue boots). Happy Fake Shop Friday anniversary!


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