4 steps to my favorite nail trick

Random life fact about me: I rarely have my nails unpainted. Sometimes I think it’s a little strange that I care so much when almost everything else I do is fairly low-key.

Random fact 2: I can’t remember the last time I painted my nails all one color. Every time I look in my drawer I think, “Why pick one when I can put these five together?”

Sometimes I do nail stickers or add confetti. Lately I’ve been really into Washi Tape. It’s such a simple way to add a little flair. (I also have this obsession with straight lines, and I love painting over the tape and pulling it off to reveal something so exact.)

Not that you really need steps for this, but just in case you like words more than pictures:

Step 1: Paint your nails. Usually I pick a lighter color as a base coat and put a more dark/vibrant color as the second coat, but this time I ended up with two darker colors as the base and glitter as the secondary option.


Step 2: Wait for your base coat to dry, then tape away! I am not a perfectionist at these lines at all. An easy way to make them fairly even is to line the tape from the top corner to the bottom corner. (Or sometimes I don’t feel like lining them up so I just make every nail different.)


Step 3: Paint again. It’s sort of fun to be a little messy and paint over the line. The only thing to watch is to not paint too thick of a coat here because it can make a ridge when you take the tape off.


Step 4: Remove the tape. You don’t have to wait for the second color to dry–I take mine off as soon as I’m done painting. And viola!


For something totally mind blowing you can tape again and paint a third color. I usually stop at two because that’s about all the time I give myself before my anxious brain thinks of something else I should be doing. (Don’t forget to add a top coat!)

PS: Now that I’m an obvious pro at this technique, maybe one day I can step it up to something like this. Or if you have any other awesome ideas I’m ready to try them!

Also this just because.


3 thoughts on “4 steps to my favorite nail trick

  1. I’m impressed because I don’t think I could wait long enough for my nails to dry to put on the tape and then need them to dry again. But I love the look.

    1. Haha. I’m actually pretty bad at waiting for them to dry to. My trick is that I only paint my nails when I know I’m stuck working at my desk for a while. Magically they do not bump any keys as I type so I don’t even have to think about them.

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