my maker faire favorites

Last weekend the Maker Faire came to NY and we decided to visit Saturday. Tyler and Mason started their day fishing with scouts and met up with Milo and I after lunch. I took advantage of the time to visit the section of the Maker Faire that has more of the shopping booths, of course.

My favorite thing about the Maker Faire is how random it is. One booth had cardboard for people to make housing for a mini alien village, another was selling a 3D printer, and another one had a graphic designers project to build touch-recognition stuffed animals for blind children. You seriously never know what you’re going to see, and it’s so creative.

At the end of our day we ended up with lots of business cards, a few stickers, some hyper color pencils and a few other freebies. I also ended up with quite a few ideas for Christmas presents for the boys (and a couple ideas for me too).

maker faire fake shop

PinBox 3000 | Tardis Soap | Threet Ceramics | Pie Corps | Woolbuddy

Also, this isn’t anything I’d necessarily shop for, but this was my favorite booth at the Maker Faire. They 3D print “helping hands” for children and adults.Β The best part is you can sign up to receive 3D printed kits that you then help assemble for someone in need. (Or if you have a 3D printer you can help them print the parts.) Yay for teamwork!


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