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Remember that one time I went out of town and forgot to take my computer and couldn’t do my blog post? Well this is my excuse… Tyler’s mom invited all the sisters (and this in-law sister) out for a girls weekend together. We lazied about, talked a lot, and ate out a few times–so basically it was great.

Also I love Tyler’s family. I’ve heard all sorts of in-law horror stories, and I feel so lucky I have not one, but two sets of amazing in-laws that I honestly enjoy spending time with.

And speaking of travel, I came across this article about the best cities for expats. It made me think about if we’ll ever live abroad someday. Tyler and I talk about it every so often. What countries would we consider, what jobs could we get, how would it be for the kids, would we move to somewhere that doesn’t speak English as the primary language? (Hello, #5)

Living abroad fascinates me. I am intrigued to see what other countries are like, what sort of things are “normal” somewhere else, how other people live their lives and interact with each other. What is it like to shop for groceries? (Seriously, that’s the question I always have.)

Also how is it different for expats? Is it hard to find a job as a foreigner, does it take a long time to adjust, will I ever be able to learn another language?

Does anyone else have these questions? Or are you just busy thinking, “Why would anyone want to live abroad?”

Guess what, I sometimes ask that too! That’s why I decided to ask a few people I know about their alternative living arrangements and share them on the blog over the next few weeks or so. Are you so excited, because I am.

Tomorrow’s post is from my sister who has been living in India for about a year now. She’s sharing 4 reasons she loves living abroad (and a few reasons that make it hard).

PS. I knew you were dying to see a picture of this weekend, but weirdly enough we didn’t take a whole lot. But here’s one of my favorites–mostly because it was hilarious trying to take them.

photo booth

3 thoughts on “travel and things

  1. Um, very cool MIL. I had wondered why you were here. And I’m still sad I didn’t get to see you.
    I’d love to live in London (as you well know). I’ve looked into to moving there many times, but the work visas for my job (or anything related to it) were pretty much impossible. So, one day if I become independently wealthy…..I’d love to raise Zeke there. Most kids who are ex-pats in non-English speaking countries just go to english speaking schools or American private schools there. I had a friend who moved a lot (dad was in church jobs) and she just went to school with other ex-pats. Kind of non-diverse, actually.

  2. I am equally fascinated with living abroad. When i was younger I thought nothing would be better than to say live in Switzerland or France. but now that I have kids I feel like they would miss out on a lot of family time with grandparents and cousins. I also find that it is harder to make friends in general when we get older so trying to do that abroad where I wouldn’t even speak the same language seems hard. But all the practical stuff aside, living abroad is my fantasy and I hope it comes true one day.

    1. Yes! Now I look back and wish I had moved abroad when my kids were younger and not in school yet. But then again, where we live kids seem to move in and out of their schools all the time, so they pretty good practice at making new friends. One day! 🙂

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